Review of Toward a Cosmopolitan Ethics of Mobility: The Migrant’s-Eye View

Marcus Carlsen Häggrot  reviews Towards a Cosmopolitan Ethics of Mobility: The Migrant’s Eye view in the Fall 2018 issue of Ethics & International Affairs.

From the review:

…drawing on empirically grounded social scientific work, [Sager] showcases a range of conceptual resources and empirical findings that can get one to think outside the methodically nationalist box. One example is work by sociologists showing that mobility is ubiquitous and integral to many social and economic phenomena; another is work in border studies that highlights borders’ ubiquity and heterogeneity, and their variegated impact on people depending on nationality, class, and race.

Also important are empirical findings that migration is in part caused by global economic developments that create opportunities in some places while destroying livelihoods in others; that many of the causes for international migration are the same as for domestic mobility; and, finally, that corporate actors as well as regional economic, historical, and social links (for example, formerly colonial ties) play important roles in causing and shaping migratory flows. An acknowledgement of these insights and concepts, Sager argues, has the potential to cause us to question several commonplace views in current normative thinking about migration.

You can read the entire review here.

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